“I absolutely love Gosia’s massage oils, which I have been using in my massage practice. They are light, well absorbable and work great especially during Hot Stone massage as when they get warmed up, essential oils fill the whole room. Especially the Sensual Oil has beautiful fragrance that kind of takes you to a far away shores…
I also love the beautiful mix of oils in Gosia’s Face Oil. It doesn’t clog your pores as it’s Argan Oil and makes your skin really soft. I use it instead of a night cream and as a medium for face massage for my clients. I love Beauty Deep products as I know they are natural, don’t contain mineral oils and are simply made with love! You know it when you try them.”
Milena Kina

“After using the Beauty Deep bath melts and body butter my skin feels so alive. I have noticed how even my skin looks.? It’s been a few months and the bath melts and body butter are both a part of my daily skincare.”

Monty Joseph

“Whenever I get the chance I try to workout or go for a run so I was happy to receive the Beauty Deep Muscle Rub Oil.
I’ve now been using it for a couple of weeks and can honestly say that it soothes the aches and pains away and my muscles feel far more relaxed and the smell is uplifting.”

Mark Reid

“I have been using Beauty Deep face oil and body butter for the past few months. I stopped using anything else.
My skin now is in excellent condition although I had problems before. The wrinkles are smaller and I look much younger 🙂
Gosia’s product are always freshly made which is an additional bonus.”

Kasia Marszalec

“The best body butter I have ever used! LOVE LOVE LOVE… and so do all my friends and family who keep stealing my tubs when they visit! I have just had a baby and used the butters throughout my pregnancy to keep my bump well moisturised which really helped with preventing stretch marks.”
Tandy van Schalkwyk

“I love the Beauty Deep products! There is definite improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. I can’t believe how healthy and vibrant my skin looks. I also love the purity of the ingredients and the wonderful aroma. I will certainly recommend all of the Beauty Deep products which are truly excellent quality.”
Gosia Szmalc