Oh, for the first mild days that signal spring’s eagerly anticipated return, giving rise to the warm sun that gently bathes happy faces. The intoxicatingly sweet and seductive smells of honey emanating from the bee farm lovingly tended to by Gosia Campbell’s father. The gloriously lush colours of the poppy fields where she walked her dogs. The gentle fragrance wafting from freshly picked bunches of lavender, daffodils and rapeseed blooms that she gathered for her beloved mother. These are the things that Gosia loves. These are the things that inspire her. These are the things that inspired Beauty Deep skin care.

Beauty Deep skin care was born out of her need to reconnect mind, body and soul with nature. In a stress-filled, technological age where we sometimes forget to take time to quiet our inner selves, Gosia’s desire is for us to pause for a moment, inhale deeply and reset. With a deep love of nature and her quest for natural health and well-being, Gosia has dedicated her life to a holistic approach to wellness.

Leaving her native Poland for the buzzing city of London, and toting a food science technology degree and a dream, in 2000, Gosia founded a successful massage and aromatherapy practice. Her fiercely loyal clients were verbal in their love for the invigorating fragrances and textures of the soothing blends that Gosia would use during her treatments.

Inspired by her clients, Gosia decided to pursue her dream of creating her very own 100% natural skin care range, encompassing her passion for pure and unprocessed ingredients, heady fragrances and lush textures. Beauty Deep skin care encapsulates the things that bring her joy; the things she wishes to share with others.

When she isn’t concocting delicious meals or figuring out maths problems with her two growing sons, who also serve as resident product testers, Gosia creates natural skincare products from nature’s treasure trove of naturally active ingredients. Gosia marries spices and even antioxidant-rich, food grade, raw, organic cocoa butter to her blends. Beauty Deep skin care products nourish the skin, producing a dewy, healthy glow with aromas that calm the senses.

Without the use of harsh chemicals, Beauty Deep skin care is suitable for your whole family. And it isn’t just kind to delicate skin, these all-natural products are also kind to the environment and its ingredients come from fair trade sources and contribute to the livelihood of third world countries.

In our oftentimes stressful, day-to-day lives, Beauty Deep skin care offers a welcomed little oasis of beauty, calm and well-being.

“After using the Beauty Deep bath melts and body butter my skin feels so alive. I have noticed how even my skin looks. It’s been a few months and the bath melts and body butter are both a part of my daily skincare.”

Monty Joseph